Lelo Smart Wand

smart wand blackSmart Wand Black ($268)

The Lelo Smart Wands utilise the very latest in motion sensor technology to deliver unparalleled professional quality massages.  Using patented SmartTouch sensors embedded within the wand, the massager knows when it touches skin and turns up the vibrations accordingly.  At $260 the Smart Wand Large is one of the most expensive luxury vibrators on the market, but for that one off investment you effectively have your own professional massager to call upon whenever you want.  Don’t even get me started on how good this thing will feel vibrating against your clit!!

Stilo Luxury Prostate Massager

The Nexus Stilo is a prostate massager for the discerning gentelman.  Its silky smooth metalic body exudes sensual pleasure as soon as you take it out of the box.  Holding the expertly shaped design against your skin as you gently massage your prostate is an out of this world experience.   The Stilus is made from pure stainless steel and can quickly and easily be heated up or cooled down as you desire.

Described by reviewers as ‘the benchmark for prostate massagers for years to come’.  The unrivalled elegance of the Nexus Stilo makes this a must have in any luxury sex toys for men collection.

14K Gold Cock Ring

14K Gold Cock Ring14K Gold Cock Ring ($129)

A luxury gold cock ring designed by the Parisian artist Sylvie Monthule.  Designed for beauty and elegance, performance and functionality, and ease of use.  The ring is suitable for a beginner as it is easy to slide on, but more experienced users of cock rings will be able to slide the ring around their balls as well, allowing for not only an increased erection but also for delayed ejaculation.

Lelo Luxury Vibrator

Luxury Lelo Vibrator

Luxury Lelo Gold Vibrator ($1,500)

Swedish company Lelo are famous for their deluxe range of luxury sex toys.  With the Lelo Yva Gold Vibrator, they’ve taken luxury to new heights.

This stunning toy will take your sexual pleasure to new heights as well.  With the Lelo Yva you’ll understand that money can buy you everything these days…even the perfect orgasm.